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Hi dear friend testimony of the loan received
25 Aug
$ 15
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To Your Attention Gentlemen and Ladies
They call me Drajuska Syed Suroor Vikhar; Being looking for credit, loan for more than 12 months. I have been scammed 2 times on sites offering money loan between individuals by wanting to make a loan between individuals with several people. But each time I was ripped off by multitudes of fees and in the end I did not receive anything in my account. But luckily I came across a really serious, straightforward and kind Mr. Henry Vijaya Sunnudrishnan who helped me find my 15,000 loan to buy back our house. that I received on my account this Tuesday, August 25 without too many protocols, Only it requires me to have a notarized recognition of debt, and a deposit of an insurance fee then of file studies. So you who are in the need like me you can write it and explain it your situation he could help you his mail: Investment@bkra-investment.com
Avoid being ripped off by his Internet browsers and their duffel offers
E-Mail: Investment@bkra-investment.com
Here is the link from their website: https://bkra-investment.com

PS: Pass the message on to help those in need, or for more details contact himself,
Good luck to you.
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