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14 Mar
$ 20
(Fixed Price)
Very fresh laid and fertile species of parrot eggs for sale, all our eggs are collected from domestic raised birds, tested and confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. Bellow is a list of all the fertile eggs we have for sale :

African Congo Grey eggs
Timneh Grey eggs
Blue and Gold Macaw eggs
Scarlet Macaw eggs
Greenwing Macaw eggs
Hyacinth Macaw eggs
Palm Cockatoo eggs
Goffin Cockatoo eggs
Gallah Cockatoo eggs
DYH Amazon eggs
Eclectus eggs
Toco Toucan eggs.

We ship to most destinations with the use of incubators and we also provide complete guide on how to hatch these eggs successfully. We also provide after sale support and a 24 hour online service to those who are new in buying eggs for hatching.
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