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Best Quality Gate Valve Manufacturer in Italy
01 May
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The valve body, bonnet, disc, valve stem, valve seat, and sealing packaging create a gate valve. It is the most common types of isolation valve. The main function of the gate valve is to stop the flow of fluid. That is the reason, it's often referred to as a "cut off" or "blocking" valve. The gate valve comes in different structural shapes, and the sealing feature mechanism used for each one is unique. Gate valves can be used in a number of technical applications such as oil and gas, marine, pharmaceuticals, automobile, and manufacturing.

Valvesonly Europe is the best Gate Valve Manufacturer in Italy, supplying high-quality valves at affordable prices. We have a different type of gate valve, such as Rising Stem, BB, FB, OS&Y and the available Sizes 1/2″ to 64”.

Advantages of Gate Valves
• The closing feature is very good.
• They are bidirectional
• The pressure loss through the valve is minimal

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