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Air Freight Services with Shipment Tracking by SLR
04 Jan
$ 999
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Air freight is a game changer in global trade, providing quick and secure cargo transportation for time-critical deliveries. Because of the benefits of air freight services, small and medium-sized firms can now easily participate in international trade.

Why should you use air freight?

1. Efficiency: Air cargo services enables quick delivery, with items arriving in days rather than weeks with other modes.
2. Cost-Effectiveness: Because air freight charges are weight-based, it is more cost-effective for smaller cargo than sea transit.
3. More choices: Reliable firms in the air freight and logistics industry like as SLR Shipping provide a variety of air freight choices, including consols and direct routes.
4. Reduced Damage Risk: Air cargo, when properly wrapped, lowers damage, especially for fragile commodities.
5. Traceability: Real-time location updates for air freight shipment tracking provide peace of mind.

What is the Process of Air Freight Services?

Air freight services are managed by the most experienced air freight companies in dubai such as SLR Shipping. Here's a high-level overview:
1. Air freight charges for your items are finalized through negotiation with the air freight company.
2. The air freight forwarder professionally packs the goods.
3. Customs clearance occurs after the goods arrive at the airport.
4. After the customs clearance, the plane is loaded with cleared items.
5. Following payment of duties and taxes, another customs inspection is performed before delivery.

Finally, SLR Shipping stands as the go-to option in Dubai for the most reliable air cargo services. SLR Shipping distinguishes out in the dynamic field of global trade and logistics with competitive rates, air freight shipment tracking, and a proven track record. Contact us at +971 4 333 6593 for the best Air Cargo transport!
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